What is a modded wii console

Q: Is Wii Visrual Console Hacked — Can I play roms on Wii Virtual Console? A: No — VC is not hacked and games can not be transfered from one Wii to another BUT the good news is that you can play roms on wii with home-made emulator programs. Q: What is a modded wii console what exactly do I need to play Emulator Roms on Wii? Wii with a modchip that lets you run «homebrew» software.

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A DVD with the Emulator and Rom files. With a modded Nintendo Wii you can run Homebrew Emulators from DVD-R or RW discs as well as from SD cards. Genesis Roms and Turbo FraFX with almost all rom set or atleast the most popular. If you need more roms for any emulator just add them to your sd card and after you choose the emulator you like select the sd card path where you added the roms and you are done. You need a modded wii, Wiikey or another Wii chip that suports GC homebrew. Boot on Wii press A untill you get to the emulators screen, select the emulator you like and HAVE FUN! S In order to save you need to have a GC memory card.

It would be cool to play PS2 DVD Games on Nintendo Wii, but it will not happen becouse the system should be about 5 times faster than the one being emulated. Nintendo ds nes n64 emulator, snes emulator are all a reality. Sony Playstation and PSP roms may one day be playable on Wii. GBA nintendo 64 Xbox and GC roms.


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